martes, marzo 28, 2006

Culture, language.

I like to talk in English. Why? I don't know, it is just fun. I understand English and, with some effort, I can explain myself in words from that language. I would have liked to learned more languages when I was young. I admire people who can speak in several languages. They have more chances to communicate to other people. They can understand more people than me... Learning different languages should be something to achieve by most of us. Of course we don't need English to be a good doctor, or scientist, or anything else that we want to be, but won't be us any better if we know it properly?

I think that the more you know about a language the more you get from the culture it comes from.

Now I'm learning Japanese... Complicated? A lot. Amusing? Of course. Every little thing I learn brings Japan closer to me. Ain't it good?

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pauchan dijo...

Hi! It´s a long time ago last time I came to see your blog... you have published a lot, he he.
I am writting because I feel the same about english (and the rest of languages) and now that I have my french friend here I even find myself thinking in english.
It´s so stupid that you feel so good only by speaking in other language, but that´s truth. I have tried english, french, italian, german and now japanish (this last one is one of the best choices I´ve ever made). It´s not only the more you learn about a language, the more you know about the cultureof that region, also it is the more people you can meet and the internal satisfaction you get.
See you little bear!!!