martes, febrero 26, 2008

Steve Wozniak

Alguien entrevista a este hombre cofundador de Apple Inc. Steve Wozniak, yo lo leo, y curiosamente me sorprendo.

Cito el final de la entrevista que me parece una perla. Una opinión sobre Microsoft con la que coincido.

"I can't say that I don't admire Microsoft, either. They have such a huge, huge job -- you can never satisfy so many people. And yet they manage this incredibly huge worldwide business.

There are a lot of countries Apple can't even get in, doesn't have to. When you don't have to do as big a job, it's easier to look better.

I think that Macintoshes and [the earlier Apple computers] are better. Usually the only thing [you hear about] a PC is: Well, it's cheaper. That's a benefit to people, too.

But Microsoft has always been after technology that can help people, and does things at very reasonable cost. So, I don't think they've been as horrible as some people [make] them out to be."

Seguid este enlace para leer la entrevista.

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